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NEW online course

Impressive Marketing Plans — on a Small Budget

This is one of our most popular face-to-face courses, now adapted to run over 2 x 3 hour sessions online on Zoom (starting 2pm UK-time). It’s limited to 12 participants to encourage group discussion. Register your interest in this course by emailing, or completing the booking form (choose other price to enter £350) and we will contact you promptly.


Today’s marketers have to assess the value of an ever-increasing range of activities and justify decisions in terms of ROI. As if that’s not challenge enough, authors and editors can have high expectations, yet often time and money are in short supply.

This workshop is designed to help you capture the value of all areas of marketing activity and present them positively and professionally, even when resources are limited.


Who’s it for?

Anyone with the new responsibility of marketing for a specific list, especially in academic, professional or STM markets, or more experienced marketers who have shelved planning up till now through lack of time.


What’s covered?

  • Market segmentation, the marketing mix, the 4Ps, the marketing funnel, and how it all applies in the real world
  • The key activities and how to make use of them cost-effectively
  • Setting precise objectives and targets
  • Devising and managing a budget
  • Marketing plan templates
  • Working in partnership with authors
  • Measuring and reporting on effectiveness/ROI.


Rachel Maund

Rachel Maund takes particular pleasure in devising marketing plans that cost next to nothing, making her perfect material for a lifetime career in publishing.

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£350 + VAT

Brilliant - packed full of relevant and usable advice, even on a budget like ours!
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