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Only available as an in-company course

Direct Mail in a Digital Age


Has email made direct mail obsolete? Of course not. With inboxes overflowing it can be a great way to get attention if we get it right – short, no-nonsense, and often delivered via third parties rather than by post. This workshop looks at the place of DM and print publicity in the modern marketing mix, considering everything from what grabs attention and how much potential customers are prepared to read, to the place of the sales letter, the PS, and the offer.

Who’s it for?

Anyone looking for an intensive practical introduction to direct mail.


What’s covered?

  • Planning the perfect DM campaign, matching package to customer
  • Great sources of lists and how to get them
  • Reaching customers through inserts, authors and third parties
  • Project managing and scheduling DM within multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Critical factors for success: how to grab attention, how much to say, calls to action that work
  • The Data Protection Act
  • Analysing DM
  • Plenty of group discussion and inspiring good examples.


This course is only available as a tailored in-company option. If you think you might benefit, why not contact us today?


Rachel Maund

Your tutor is Rachel Maund who’s been responsible for an appreciable % of the direct mail sent by specialist publishers over the last 30 years and is STILL an enthusiast.

What an interesting and jam-packed day of marketing - definitely do it if you can!
Delegate from Elsevier

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