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Only available as an in-company course

Mastering SEO for Marketing


What does Google make of the content you’re adding to your website? If you can confidently answer this, your copy and creative will be found and read by more of your customers. If you can’t, this course will help you get there. Real examples and exercises, drawing on your own website and marketing, will give you the confidence to apply new skills immediately.


Who’s it for?

Anyone feeling uncomfortably aware of the need to get to grips with SEO – mostly marketing executives and managers. All of the copy and images on pages have the potential to contribute to SEO, so everyone providing content, including editorial staff writing product copy, will directly benefit.


What’s covered?

  • Organic search: using web analytics to see where your traffic is coming from
  • How search engines interrogate your site: indexing, linking, (crawling), page naming and structure
  • Linking strategies, off and on site
  • Pay per click search (PPC), AdWord optimisation
  • Using web analytics to monitor performance of search tactics and inform planning
  • Social media and its impact on search
  • Human optimisation’ – how people use web pages, eye-tracking reports. After all, it’s human beings who make buying decisions, not spiders ...


This course is only available as a tailored in-company option built on your company’s actual analytics to give very precise guidance.



Paul Crabtree

Rachel Maund

Paul Crabtree is Director of Velo, a London-based digital marketing communications agency, with previous digital roles in publishing (Informa) and for agencies serving publishers (Adestra, Ceros, VIP4). Paul also runs Social Media Marketing Boot Camp.

Rachel Maund joins Paul on this related course as guest tutor.

Eye-opening and a great starting point to optimise web pages.
Delegate from Oxford University Press

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