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Only available as an in-company course

Grammar Workshop


How do we reconcile writing persuasive copy or reports in ‘plain English’ with the grammar we learned (or didn’t) in school? When is it best practice to obey the ‘rules’, and when should we bend or even break them? Is it OK to split the infinitive (always assuming we can spot one) if the meaning is clearer, or will our audiences brand us philistines?  

This workshop tackles common pitfalls and contentious issues of grammar, punctuation and spelling head on. 


Who’s it for?

Anyone in publishing or related sectors who has to write promotional copy or reports and wants clear guidance on how to do so accurately, exercising choices where they exist and avoiding bloopers ...


Content typically includes:

  • Use of apostrophes, commas, semicolons and colons
  • When you can choose notional over grammatical concord
  • Hot topics! Starting sentences with conjunctions, the split infinitive, when to capitalise, how to punctuate bullet points, use of dashes and hyphens …
  • Tips for not getting caught out by words that are commonly confused
  • The importance of your audience’s views, and of house style.


This course is only available as a tailored in-company option. If you think you might benefit, why not contact us today?


Rachel Maund

Rachel Maund spent 3 years doing a degree in the subject, but it’s the last 30 as an attention-seeking copywriter in publishing that have made her passionate about balancing style and clarity.

Everyone came back last week saying how much fun the course was. There was a meeting in the next room and they couldn’t believe the amount of laughter going on in a grammar course!
Delegate on a course for the NHS in Glasgow

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