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Only available as an in-company course

Effective Working with Authors


How do we establish a mutually supportive working relationship with our authors? This relationship is critical, but too often it’s marred by unrealistic expectations and frustration on both sides. So what can we do about it? This enjoyable workshop is a great place to start.


Who’s it for?

Anyone for whom a smooth and productive working relationship with authors is crucial. Perfect for all editorial and marketing functions.


Content typically includes:

  • The publishing process as seen by the author
  • Why go through a publisher when authors can self-publish?
  • Getting the relationship on the right footing from the start
  • Encouraging authors to deliver on schedule
  • Being clear and honest about market conditions and opportunities
  • Making the most of author marketing questionnaires
  • Group exercises tackling challenging scenarios.


This course is only available as a tailored in-company option. If you think you might benefit, why not contact us today?


Rachel Maund

Frania Hall

Rachel Maund is joined by Frania Hall, experienced publisher, lecturer, tutor AND author. Rachel and Frania have over 50 years of experience of building excellent working relationships with authors.

Great. Informal but clearly very knowledgeable. It was great to go on a course where the tutors knew the ins and outs of publishing.
Editorial delegate on a course at Little,Brown

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