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Tips and articles relating to Profitable Commissioning

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Why hasn’t the academy taken back control of publishing?

This blog post by Joseph Esposito on The Scholarly Kitchen last month made for excellent reading, but like many others on similar themes before, it was followed by some very heated discussion in the comments.…

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21 August 2018


A spot-on example of academic double-think, with thanks to Josie Dixon

Josie says: “My old CUP boss Andy Brown used to complain about monograph publishing that ‘The producers are also the consumers, but people produce what they’re not prepared to consume’, which mostly comes down to the fact that authors want (and are given incentives) to write a 300pp book, while not having time to read more than a 15pp article by anyone else.…

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10 July 2018


Tip of the week: You can’t do it all, so back your winners

We all want to do the very best for every book we publish but the hard fact is that some books justify the investment of our time (and budget) more than others.…

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29 May 2018


Sensitivity readers, helpful perspectives or censorship?

Alison Flood’s recent article in The Guardian drew attention to the fact that fiction publishers, and indeed their authors, are increasingly paying ‘sensitivity readers’ to assess manuscripts for any words, phrases or content that might be offensive.…

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15 May 2018


What all sectors could learn from the reinvention of travel publishing

Travel publishers have been hit harder than most by online competitors, with Trip Advisor, Booking.…

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3 April 2018


How should academic publishers respond to Lulu's academic self-publishing option?

Lulu is building on its successful self-publishing model by launching Glasstree, specifically for the academic market.…

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21 March 2017


Do you consult your authors before selling at deep discounts?

I suspect that the answer is usually no … Publishers have generally reserved the right to strike what they believe to be the best business deals, and that can include bulk sales at very high discounts.…

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6 December 2016


Our editorial courses run one final time this autumn, please support if you can

Our Essential Editorial Skills Workshop was introduced in 2006 and Profitable Commissioning a year later, and we’ve had a lot of fun running both over the years.…

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18 August 2015


Toe-curling spoof conversation between an author and their publisher

This appeared on the blog of author Joseph Andrew Konrath back in 2010, and has just been rediscovered by me as I trawled through some of our back articles.…

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14 April 2015


Anna Faherty on a scientific approach to publishing decisions

Publishing in the past has relied on gut decisions, since new books don’t obviously lend themselves to developing prototypes to research first.…

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28 October 2014

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