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Tips and articles relating to Impressive Marketing Plans — on a Small Budget

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Tip of the week: Surviving the silly season

Regrettably the holiday season is now officially over and you may be facing the busiest months of the year before the next break.…

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5 September 2017


Fascinating article about academics' attitude to marketing, in THE

If you work in academic publishing there are times when explaining your decisions to authors can be intimidating, whether it’s justifying the price you’re setting, or explaining why you’re not arranging an author tour.…

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25 July 2017


Why Winnie the Pooh is being censored in China

It seems that the lovable bear, a global brand, is being blocked on social media sites in China following comparisons made with President Xi Jinping.…

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25 July 2017


Not quite naming and shaming a UK car insurance company

My mother is 80 this month.…

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11 July 2017


Does your company have matching luggage syndrome?

I’d never heard of this before a colleague cited it in an email and it made me giggle.…

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27 June 2017


Do you have specific plans for customer retention? Here's why you should

Marketing planning should not stop with plans for products or even for lists.…

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13 June 2017


30 hour working week anyone?

Why is it that working weeks that start with a bank holiday seem to last forever?

On the assumption that all of us in the UK and the US will be finding it just a bit tougher to get down to work this morning, here’s a post on the GoToMeeting blog to cheer you.…

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30 May 2017


Which meeting personality type are you? A video you'll relate to on the Citrix blog

This video is entertaining because it’s so well-observed – we’ve all been in meetings with a negator, a rambler or a dominator.…

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16 May 2017


Tip of the week: You know much more about marketing than your authors


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18 April 2017


Tip of the week: The best marketing starts with opportunity spotting

The most effective marketing we can ever do capitalises on the simplest, obvious opportunities that present themselves to us without asking.…

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4 April 2017

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