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Tips and articles relating to Introduction to Marketing in Publishing

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eBulletin subscriber offer continues – book two places, save £200

This will be the last reminder of our March offer, so if you’ve been meaning to do this the time is now! Book two places on any one course at just £300 per place, a cool saving of almost £200.…

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19 March 2019


eBulletin subscriber offer continues on selected spring courses

Our eBulletin subscriber offer on four courses continues in March.…

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5 March 2019


eBulletin subscriber offer on selected spring courses

Dates for our training courses are now set ‘on demand’, ie when we have sufficient requests to run them.…

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19 February 2019


Tip of the week: If sending display material, ask conference organisers for photos

Once in a while we may send display material to conferences we can’t justify attending, generally without ever learning what the display looked like.…

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30 October 2018


Beijing Pays Bookshops to Counter the Digital Revolution, Times article

Chinese readers have embraced digital enthusiastically in recent years, with the inevitable result that in China too bookstores have struggled and closed.…

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7 August 2018


A post that may prove your ‘I have no time!’ assumption wrong

Have you ever methodically tracked how you spend the hours of your day? Most of us haven’t, but doing so can be really eye-opening.…

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26 June 2018


Debut author flyposts PRH offices, a great example of guerrilla marketing

Sam Conniff Allende is the author of Be More Pirate, a book which encourages readers to re-write rules and take risks.…

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29 May 2018


Tip of the week: Check those cool-sounding brand names before launch

What does the word ‘typo’ mean to you?

Typo the Australian stationery company would like you to think of them as ‘quirky, vintage and irreverent, adding personality to everyday items through humour, graphics and design’.…

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15 May 2018


Tip of the week: Authors, videos, interviews

Everyone loves a video.…

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17 April 2018


How does GDPR legislation affect direct mail?

If you’re a marketer anywhere in the UK/Europe your inbox is probably being bombarded with emails promising guidance, most of them from ESPs and digital agencies.…

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20 March 2018

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