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Tips and articles relating to Introduction to Marketing in Publishing

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Tip of the week: Surviving the silly season

Regrettably the holiday season is now officially over and you may be facing the busiest months of the year before the next break.…

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5 September 2017


Tip of the week: You know much more about marketing than your authors


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18 April 2017


Tip of the week: The best marketing starts with opportunity spotting

The most effective marketing we can ever do capitalises on the simplest, obvious opportunities that present themselves to us without asking.…

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4 April 2017


10 enduring quotes about marketing to drop into conversation

I’m a fan of SmartInsights.…

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7 March 2017


7 simple but effective habits for 2017, honest

I tend to have a very low tolerance for self-improvement tips, especially of the ‘new year new you’ variety.…

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10 January 2017


Regional office marketing can be VERY rudimentary; does it matter?

This came up in a meeting last week.…

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30 August 2016


Tip of the week: The Pareto Principle is a great reality check

You know the one, 20% of effort delivers 80% of results; 20% of your accounts make up 80% of total business – it’s the 80/20 rule.…

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5 July 2016


Tip of the week: Write the marketing plans you'd want to inherit

Do you write yours for the benefit of a senior manager? Are they full of SWOT analyses and PEST reports?

A lot of plans that I see are very impressive, but give no clue as to how work is to be managed on a day to day basis.…

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10 May 2016


Do you work with a ZEBRA? They're even worse than a HIPPO

Both acronyms describe difficult colleagues to whom you just happen to be subordinate, ie: even when they’re wrong they still get to make the decisions.…

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2 February 2016


Tip of the week: When briefing suppliers, don't assume ANYTHING

Last month the hand-weights in the exercise studio at my local gym mysteriously disappeared.…

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8 December 2015

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