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Tips and articles relating to Practical Publicity Workshop

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Tip of the week: The potential of a great image in an academic monograph

The publisher of a scholarly analysis of Jack the Ripper’s attacks spotted the press potential of a map illustrating the author’s findings which appeared in the book.…

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13 June 2017


Tip of the week: If you've ever felt daunted by phoning journalists to pitch

Sometimes an email pitch just won’t do the job – you need the personal contact of a phone call first.…

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16 May 2017


How Boaty McBoatface was resolved, and what this has to do with Bella the cat

The public voting overwhelmingly to name the UK’s new polar research ship Boaty McBoatface presented NERC with a problem.…

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10 May 2016


'Pig-gate' results in 33,000 advance orders for Call me Dave

A fascinating story which proves once again the power of publicity, as Biteback Publishing receive advance orders for 33,000 copies of Lord Ashcroft’s book Call me Dave, the unauthorised biography of Prime Minister David Cameron.…

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29 September 2015


Tip of the week: Who you know still trumps a great publicity campaign

I had the perfect guest for BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live.…

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16 September 2014


Tips on working with bloggers, from Becky Lovell at Insight Guides

Bloggers CAN be an excellent new channel for publicity, but how do you get started on building a network of relationships with the right people?

Becky Lovell from Insight Guides has done precisely this with travel bloggers, and recently shared her tips with us.…

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13 May 2014


Tip of the week: What journalists really, really want (from Corinne Julius)

This one may surprise you … Journalists don’t want ‘original’ stories, they want a twist on something familiar.…

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13 May 2014


Should you refuse to send review copies to national newspapers?

At least one big academic publisher that I know of is doing just this, making clear to (most) authors that the nationals will not be approached.…

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15 April 2014


Two negative stories got the Bridget Jones campaign off to a flying start

Last month came the shock revelation that hero and husband Mark Darcy has died by the start of the new and last Bridget Jones novel, Mad About the Boy.…

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12 November 2013


Tip of the week: Focusing on the detail makes great PRs

A British winner at the Wimbledon tennis tournament after 77 years was memorable.…

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21 October 2013

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