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Tips and articles relating to Social Media Marketing Boot Camp

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The British Airways feedback email that failed

BA hasn’t had great press recently.…

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30 May 2017


Wonderful author video sent in appreciation to Emerald

Two authors at Flinders University in Australia were so happy with their experience of being published by Emerald that, unprompted, they made a video of one interviewing the other and sent it to the astonished but delighted publisher who happily added it to their YouTube channel.…

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7 March 2017


Tip of the week: Is it time to review your LinkedIn profile pic?

If you’ve already consciously chosen a photo that reflects you professionally, then no action required.…

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10 January 2017


Andy and Danny from T&F share the story of their Open Access video

We recently featured news of a T&F video that had seen extraordinary success.…

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27 September 2016


Donald Trump falls victim to guerrilla art, with a lot of help from social media

Two weeks ago a naked pot-bellied statue of Donald Trump appeared overnight in Union Square, New York.…

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30 August 2016


Scientists realise they can't elucidate on Twitter

Thanks to Charlie Rapple over at Kudos who spotted this little gem.…

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2 August 2016


We love these social media guidelines for authors on the OUP website

The history of social media at Oxford University Press is interesting.…

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5 July 2016


The T&F video that's already had 67,000 views on YouTube

We all know that publishing is tough right now, but the best way to succeed is to meet the challenges head on – and that means gathering stats and good examples and promoting what we do.…

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21 June 2016


Social media is addictive, it's time to get more strategic

This spring I noticed a trend in friends ‘giving up Facebook for Lent’.…

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21 June 2016


T&F bring cartoon abstracts to scholarly journals

This is just brilliant, proving yet again the overwhelming power of images (over text), and that it’s true for the most specialist audiences.…

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24 May 2016

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