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Tips and articles relating to Email Marketing Workshop

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Tip of the week: How to easily benchmark your email marketing stats

The sheer number of variables involved in email marketing make it very difficult to be confident that the benchmarks you set for your own campaigns are accurate.…

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31 August 2021


The five email elements you should be testing, useful guide from Pure360

This may not be true for you, but most marketers I talk to admit that they do very little testing.…

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3 August 2021


Beyond email metrics, what customers do that doesn’t show up

Looking at your metrics will tell you a lot about how (if) recipients are responding to your email content, but it’s only part of the story.…

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8 June 2021


Why sign up is a better call to action than register

A call to action should articulate what you want the reader to do next, but it must also be a quick and logical next step.…

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11 May 2021


Excellent free Email Marketing Benchmarks report from Campaign Monitor

I’ve been conducting Email Marketing Workshops with a schools publisher and an academic publisher over the last few weeks, and one question both asked was ‘How do our response rates compare to industry averages?’

It’s difficult to find an answer.…

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13 April 2021


New Wordstream blog post on 9 best email subject line styles

Let’s get this straight.…

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16 March 2021


How do your customers feel right now? Here’s how

If your customers are either teachers or academics, I’d definitely recommend reading one or both of these two recent unconnected articles.…

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24 November 2020


What changes have you seen to email response rates in 2020?

Whilst there has been some really useful guidance on how to market during a pandemic, it’ll be a few months yet before any benchmarking reports showing wider trends for 2020 are published.…

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24 November 2020


When automated goes badly wrong, and why we should still embrace it

I recently placed a large order to be delivered by DPD.…

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7 July 2020


What do the stats show us about current email marketing engagement?

While email marketing has continued during the pandemic, we’ve had to rely largely on instinct when compiling content.…

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9 June 2020

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