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Tips and articles relating to Mastering SEO for Marketing

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Wiley Exchanges: excellent advice for authors and fabulously well written

Wiley describes its Exchanges site as ‘an online community designed to offer advice, ideas, and collaboration opportunities for researchers, learners, and professionals’.…

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11 July 2017


If you're in journals publishing, what do you NEED to know about SEO?

It’s tempting to think that search engine optimization is the responsibility of your web manager, but in fact it is impacted by every single piece of content you put on your website.…

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25 October 2016


Tip of the week: The BBC knows a thing or two about SEO

Thanks to Read more

5 January 2016


Tip of the week: How to be found by customers in China

When we think about SEO we focus on how to be found by Google, which still commands well over 80% of the world’s search market.…

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26 May 2015


Content, content, content - but are we managing the old stuff?

It’s natural for our focus to be on adding new, timely content to our website, but do we spend sufficient time monitoring existing content?

This recent Copyblogger post addresses precisely this.…

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17 March 2015


How does Google judge the quality of content?

This excellent article on the Econsultancy site once again reminds us that the changes to Google’s algorithms are designed to mimic how humans view and judge websites.…

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20 January 2015


8 powerful takeaways from eye-tracking studies

Eye-tracking reports are always fascinating; this one from QuickSprout is no exception.…

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20 January 2015


5 rules for keeping my sanity when dealing with Google

This recent Copyblogger post will cheer you if you’ve ever felt frustrated by Google’s apparent changes of direction.…

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6 January 2015


Fabulous free marketer's guide to SEO from ClickThrough

Love this, which came to my attention just before Paul Crabtree and I ran Read more

25 November 2014


Internal links and hub pages are key to SEO success

During the World Cup in 2014 the web was awash with football stories.…

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14 October 2014

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