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Tips and articles relating to Copywriting Workshop

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You need an Amazon SEO strategy – excellent article from Ingram

Thank you to Fiona Green over at Bloomsbury Publishing for drawing this to my attention.…

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3 August 2021


When jargon is justified, when it’s not, and a cracking video

Thanks to David Crotty and The Scholarly Kitchen for the short article about the role of jargon when describing scholarly research – but especially for the video in which an engineer explains the merits of the (fictitious) Rockwell Retro Encabulator.…

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6 July 2021


Four places available on tomorrow’s Copywriting Workshop

Our three hour online Read more

8 June 2021


More proof that positive author relations are vital

‘Novelist Winterson burns her own books in anger at cosy domestic blurbs’ shouted the headline in The Guardian at the weekend.…

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8 June 2021


How to write succinct copy for a really complex product (recent example)

Your product comprises multiple titles, formats and authors.…

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11 May 2021


Why sign up is a better call to action than register

A call to action should articulate what you want the reader to do next, but it must also be a quick and logical next step.…

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11 May 2021


Copywriting, Marketing Planning and Academic Marketing online training – who’s in?

In-company training has been keeping me busy this year so far, delaying my earlier plan to schedule open courses for March-April.…

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13 April 2021


Tip of the week: Why ‘not fast enough’ is better than ‘too slow’

Cycling today I saw bikes in the distance ahead of me.…

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16 March 2021


Tip of the week: Don’t let an external agency ‘strip out your jargon’

An academic publishing client shared her experience of working with a copywriting agency who had proudly ‘stripped out the jargon’ to make the copy easier to read.…

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16 February 2021


Tip: writing a 10 second sell for a specialist title

With only three days to go till a Christmas Day like no other, this eBulletin is a quick read for those of you still at work, featuring excellent tips from four people I’ve worked with this year.…

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22 December 2020

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