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Tips and articles relating to Successful Focus Groups

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UK research into the response to Pearson phasing out textbooks

In July Pearson announced its intention to phase our print textbooks in the US, with the UK to follow later.…

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3 September 2019


What links Larry Hagman and a Bedouin tribe in North Africa?

A wonderful fact: in 1991 a North African Bedouin tribe delayed its annual migration across the Sahara by a month because its elders were gripped by TV soap opera Dallas and couldn’t bear to miss the last episode.…

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4 December 2012


Tip of the week: Listen to your customers, except when they don’t know what they want …

Two examples.…

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9 October 2012


Is the social generation losing body language fluency?

I heard a fascinating remark on BBC Radio 4 earlier this month about the younger generation finding it difficult to read body language because so much of their communication is via social networks rather than face to face.…

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31 July 2012


Clever market research from Classic Cottages

Cornwall-based Classic Cottages’ marketing is impressive: typical content might be Our 10 favourite walks, with just enough description for you to daydream yourself onto a Cornish cliff path, and then a note of which cottages are available to rent nearby.…

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8 November 2011


Tip of the week: How to spot the research respondent only in it for the incentive

Thanks to Lara Khouri at Pearson’s office in Dubai for this canny tip.…

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29 March 2011


The hotly debated leading question in the UK census

The last UK census included the question ‘What is your religion?’ Why is this newsworthy? Because the phrasing will encourage people who are not remotely religiously active to declare themselves to be whichever religion is their cultural norm.…

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1 March 2011

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