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Tips and articles relating to Effective Working with Authors

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Charlie Rapple from Kudos explains how it benefits academics and publishers

Last month we featured an article on Kudos, established to help academic authors promote their own work.…

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27 October 2015


Tip of the week: How to get authors reading your author guide

If you’ve spent time putting together a marketing guide for authors but are aware that most of them just aren’t reading it, here’s a great tip courtesy of Ashgate Publishing.…

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9 June 2015


Excellent Bookseller article on authors and social media

Authors can feel under pressure and uncomfortable about promoting their own work online, but much of this is down to how we present it to them.…

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26 May 2015


Tip of the week: Provide your authors with emails and signatures

This is now a widely used tactic, one of the simplest ways that authors can deliver marketing messages.…

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12 May 2015


Toe-curling spoof conversation between an author and their publisher

This appeared on the blog of author Joseph Andrew Konrath back in 2010, and has just been rediscovered by me as I trawled through some of our back articles.…

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14 April 2015


Tip of the week: Who you know still trumps a great publicity campaign

I had the perfect guest for BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live.…

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16 September 2014


Tip of the week: Don’t over-think titles and subtitles

These are so tricky to get right, and often fraught with politics.…

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24 June 2014


Book review: Frania Hall’s new book: The Business of Digital Publishing

Frania is at pains to make clear that she doesn’t have all the answers, and that this is conceived as a textbook, but both are reasons why it will also appeal to publishers.…

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4 February 2014


Tip of the week: Get your authors talking to your customers

Authors are interesting, you’re not (sorry).…

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23 October 2012


How one US author views publishers (steel yourself)

I’ve shared vitriolic articles by authors about publishers before, but this issue isn’t going away and it’s important (in my view) that we make clear the value added by the publishing process and by us as professionals partnering with them to their book’s advantage.…

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17 July 2012

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