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Tips and articles relating to Schools Marketing Workshop

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How do your customers feel right now? Here’s how

If your customers are either teachers or academics, I’d definitely recommend reading one or both of these two recent unconnected articles.…

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24 November 2020


Print sales up, ebooks down, worrying stats for school textbooks

The Bookseller last week published results taken from the Publishing Association’s Publishing Yearbook 2017 – you’ll need to be a subscriber or register as a guest to read the article, but it’s chunky, useful and worth it.…

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24 July 2018


Tip of the week: A publisher just prints books, right?

I’m indebted to Richard Balkwill for this one.…

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14 November 2017


Tip of the week: How to avoid the adjectives 'engaging' and 'motivating'

If you work in schools publishing these two adjectives are hard to avoid; it almost feels compulsory to attach them to everything.…

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27 September 2016


Tip of the week: There are still fax machines out there

‘Can we finally do away with the faxback order form?’ I asked innocently at our Read more

24 May 2016


Rebecca Jones considers the impact of schools in England converting to academies

Rebecca, tutor on our Read more

26 April 2016


Will we see Amazon's teacher workshops in the UK?

Earlier this month came the ominous news that Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has been given the go-ahead by the Education Ministry in France to hold free self-publishing workshops for school teachers.…

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29 March 2016


Rebecca Jones asks: does your schools marketing reflect the changes?

As teachers in England enter their third school term of curriculum change, have priorities changed? What are teachers looking for as they think ahead to another wave of changes in September 2015?

The government says the new curriculum does not tell teachers ‘how to teach’, but concentrates on ‘the essential knowledge and skills every child should have’ so that teachers ‘have the freedom to shape the curriculum to their pupils’ needs’.…

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28 April 2015


Free marketing presentation template from Marketo

The true quality of your marketing planning is in its content, but people will judge it first on the structure and design of your presentation.…

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3 February 2015


Tip of the week: Be careful what you assume

‘How old were you when you got your first mobile phone?’ This question was put by a teenager to a friend of mine; she was hoping for support in persuading her parents to buy her a phone.…

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3 February 2015

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