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Tips and articles relating to Academic Marketing Workshop

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Why is Sci-Hub a threat to open access publishers too? Here’s why

Pirate website Sci-Hub is an obvious threat to any content behind a paywall, but why is it a bad thing for open access where the whole point is to make research available free of charge?

Well here’s why, explained in an article on The Scholarly Kitchen blog recently.…

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11 December 2018


IPG podcast on challenges facing academic publishers

I’m speaking at the Guadalajara Book Fair tomorrow on the subject of the marketing challenges facing academic publishers, in preparation for which I asked a select few contacts around publishing for their views.…

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27 November 2018


Would you go to a lecture if you could watch it online instead?

Lecture capture is now common, and may be a godsend for students unable to attend due to illness or disability, or for those for whom English is not their first language.…

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13 November 2018


What does the success of these hoax articles say about academic research?

In 2017 three academics concerned that some of their peers had lost sight of balanced research due to a blinding focus on social grievances decided to test how silly it was possible to be and still get published.…

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30 October 2018


The Scholarly Kitchen looks at how university librarians select books

The University of Houston library announcing it was moving to patron-driven acquisition of books prompted Bob Nardini to write the post that appeared on The Scholarly Kitchen last week.…

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16 October 2018


Academic publishing is under fire again from George Monbiot

If you’re an academic publisher and haven’t read this article in The Guardian yet, you need to, even though it’ll make you seethe.…

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18 September 2018


eBulletin subscriber offer: September courses for £275

If you or a colleague have been toying with signing up for our Copywriting, Academic Marketing, or Email Marketing Workshops then this news could just tip the balance.…

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4 September 2018


Why hasn’t the academy taken back control of publishing?

This blog post by Joseph Esposito on The Scholarly Kitchen last month made for excellent reading, but like many others on similar themes before, it was followed by some very heated discussion in the comments.…

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21 August 2018


Fabulous video story of the creation of a new medical library in Singapore

I loved watching this video posted on The Wiley Network, Wiley’s website for the research community.…

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24 July 2018


A spot-on example of academic double-think, with thanks to Josie Dixon

Josie says: “My old CUP boss Andy Brown used to complain about monograph publishing that ‘The producers are also the consumers, but people produce what they’re not prepared to consume’, which mostly comes down to the fact that authors want (and are given incentives) to write a 300pp book, while not having time to read more than a 15pp article by anyone else.…

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10 July 2018

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