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Tips and articles relating to Academic Marketing Workshop

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California pulls the plug on Elsevier, will this prove a game-changer?

The University of California has been in a stand-off with Elsevier over the cost of its journals bundle and has this week announced that it is cancelling its $11 million per year subscription with the publisher.…

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16 April 2019


A great read on Scholarly Kitchen on the changing academic publishing lifecycle

If you sometimes find it hard to keep up with the academic publishing process – who influences what or does what when – here’s the reason.…

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2 April 2019


Tip of the week: the single biggest reason academics buy is ...

Because of peer recommendation.…

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19 March 2019


A great article if you have authors who don’t really understand open access

Open access is a subject which attracts strong opinions.…

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5 March 2019


Are Reading University’s financial woes an ominous indication of what’s to come?

Reading hit the news last week having reported itself to regulators after an inappropriate sale of land was converted into a £121m loan which it was not in a position to repay.…

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19 February 2019


Reading what drives academics mad is a good way of relating to them

One of the challenges frequently raised by those new to marketing is not feeling a connection with their audience, making it hard to judge a tone, vocabulary and message with which they’ll engage.…

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5 February 2019


Who’d like to join us on our next Academic Marketing Workshop?

In 2019 all of our public courses will run on an ‘on demand’ basis, meaning that we’ll set a date once we have sufficient enquiries to merit it.…

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8 January 2019


Why is Sci-Hub a threat to open access publishers too? Here’s why

Pirate website Sci-Hub is an obvious threat to any content behind a paywall, but why is it a bad thing for open access where the whole point is to make research available free of charge?

Well here’s why, explained in an article on The Scholarly Kitchen blog recently.…

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11 December 2018


IPG podcast on challenges facing academic publishers

I’m speaking at the Guadalajara Book Fair tomorrow on the subject of the marketing challenges facing academic publishers, in preparation for which I asked a select few contacts around publishing for their views.…

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27 November 2018


Would you go to a lecture if you could watch it online instead?

Lecture capture is now common, and may be a godsend for students unable to attend due to illness or disability, or for those for whom English is not their first language.…

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13 November 2018

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