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Tips and articles relating to Academic Marketing Workshop

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Working with, not for, authors

In a pre-course QA last week, an editorial assistant described the copywriting she was already doing as ‘writing copy for academic authors’, by which she meant writing back cover copy.…

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1 November 2022


Why content for author hubs should focus on benefits, not policies

If you’re a journals publisher, how good are the author resources on your website?

Many of these areas were set up to support online manuscript submission, as a result of which they can be relentlessly policy-focused.…

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6 September 2022


‘Low value’ degrees and ‘highly skilled’ jobs, what next for humanities degrees?

The UK government is to stop funding degrees where 60% of students don’t end up in ‘highly skilled’ jobs within six months of graduation.…

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5 July 2022


ALPSP publishes an Open Access Agreement toolkit

This is a fantastic resource to support small independent publishers, libraries and consortia to set up Open Access agreements.…

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5 July 2022


Do open access monographs cannibalise print sales?

The question of how much giving content away hurts sales has been around a lot longer than open access, to when we first made sample chapters available online (and perhaps before.…

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8 March 2022


“Please buy my book”, this academic author gets straight to the point

Some authors are uncomfortable with the idea of self promotion (though they believe in the magical skills of their publishers to do it for them).…

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8 February 2022


If you could use an overview of journals marketing, read on

“The Editorial Board of the International Journal of Food Science plans to move from their existing publisher and have invited you to tender.…

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8 February 2022


Great example of a publisher’s guest blog for the University of Helsinki

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12 January 2022


What do publishers do, exactly?

This week someone said to me that they’d asked advice from a couple of people they knew who were in publishing, and then helpfully mentioned that they were authors.…

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23 November 2021


Can you identify the message from this version of it?

‘It has been shown that the regular ingestion at 24-hourly intervals of at least one portion of the fruit of Malus sylvestris (per os) is associated with a significant reduction in the frequency of physician domiciliary visitations per head of population.…

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28 September 2021

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