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Is the length of your ‘to-do’ list overwhelming?

Sometimes you simply have more campaigns than your in-house team can handle. We can help by taking on entire campaigns, by helping out on one element, or by working alongside you a day or more a week for however long you need us.


Try us for:

  • Copywriting for any context, from catalogues to (search engine optimised) web copy
  • Complete direct mail campaigns
  • Email and enewsletter campaign planning and copywriting
  • Marketing planning and strategy
  • Project management
  • Press and publicity campaigns
  • Market research
  • Experienced temporary cover for maternity or sick leave.


How does it work?

If you have a project you think we could help with, contact us with brief details. We’ll quickly get back to you with advice on how we can help, and what further information we need to work out cost and schedule.

Our fees are based on a day rate, and you can buy as little as half a day of help. We’ll always respond to a brief by giving you the estimated number of days it will involve and how they’ll be made up, so you’ll know where you stand. We give progress updates along the way, so if your project changes shape we can work out how best to proceed between us – exactly as you would with any colleague in-house. And because of our extensive experience in publishing, you can also trust us to talk directly with colleagues, authors or suppliers as needed. (Many authors are flattered to find that an ‘expert consultant’ has been drafted in to help market their book!)

Another bonus of outsourcing a campaign is that we will often do a more complete job than you or your colleagues would typically be able to. After all, that’s what you pay us for – and (unlike you) we can’t go back to ‘tie up any loose ends’ later.


‘Working both on title-specific and general campaigns, Marketability has provided excellent support for our in-house marketing. Rachel’s knowledge of marketing strategy and tactics delivers tangible results and offers a very effective service. Her insight into professional and academic marketing comes highly recommended.’

Helen Kogan, Managing Director of Kogan Page


Given the practical nature of what we do, the line between marketing support and consultancy is often blurred, but if you need help and we can provide it we’ll be happy to. Find out more under Consultancy.


Why not give us a try?

Example: Direct mail campaign for a technical title (A4/4 page brochure)
  • Copywriting and design briefing, including liaising with publisher and author as needed (1 day)
  • Seeing that brochure through all proofing stages to approved artwork, liaising with publisher, author, international offices, and/or suppliers as necessary (2 days)
  • Mailing list research, leading to a comprehensive Mailing Options document and Campaign Summary Report in which we’ll give our recommendations in line with your budget (1 day)
  • Organising print, delivery, mailing list rental/insert bookings, including liaising with your mailing house, other offices, and/or reps/bookstores (1 day)

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