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If you’re reading this from outside the UK, welcome! We hope we can help.

Successful publishers need to operate internationally, so all of our training, marketing support and consultancy assumes an international context wherever our clients are based. For over a decade we’ve been delivering training courses outside the UK, often working with a regional publishers’ association. Content is always tailored to the needs of participants, advising on current international best practice and liberally illustrated with case studies. Practical exercises use local examples.

Most projects begin with an email or web query, and we’ll always give you a straight answer. Why not find out if we can help by using the Contact us tab above?


Here are a few examples of what we do:

  • Public courses run by regional training providers. We can develop training programmes which combine several core topics, sometimes designed for two different levels of experience and with courses ranging from one day to a week. Examples: we’ve worked with Singapore Book Publishers’ Association and National Book Development Council of Singapore to bring our training to Singapore most years for over a decade. We developed a strategic publishing programme for CANIEM (the Mexican publishing association), and Emarketing and Copywriting courses for the Australian Publishers’ Association.
  • Training days brought to multiple office locations. We can bring the same training day to each office, with content developed for your organisation but then further refined for each region. Examples: John Wiley and Springer, courses in the UK, Germany, US, Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • Training by tutors already familiar with your organisation. If you have a UK office we may already be working with them, so will be familiar with the company culture and processes. So any training will be informed by that context too. Examples: training delivered for Elsevier’s Beijing office, and for Taylor & Francis in Singapore and in the US.
  • Adding a day’s training to a regional sales meeting. This can be a great way to make the most of colleagues who are rarely in the same location. Examples: market research courses done for Oxford University Press and Pearson; the Russian Guild of Book Dealers commissioned a Marketing Masterclass at the annual meeting of their members.
  • A tailor-made programme hosted in the UK. Benefits include tutoring by multiple UK-based experts, and the opportunity to visit leading publishers and suppliers based here. Example: a two-week programme for Beijing-based Higher Education Press has run annually in London for several years.

You’ll find contact and other details for all the training providers we work with on the training partners page.


‘Rachel Maund has developed two comprehensive training courses for Wiley-Blackwell’s Boston-based books/journals’ marketing team. For each course, she combined a vast knowledge of our industry with a detailed understanding of our company’s particular marketing interests, needs, and concerns. Her entirely customized, two-day courses fully engaged each marketer from beginning to end. Rachel has an uncanny ability to seamlessly adjust her approach and/or re-set the conversation according to the dynamics of the group. We came away from each training day inspired and invigorated to challenge our old assumptions and armed with new information and ideas for rethinking future marketing plans and activities. Rachel is exceptionally flexible and accommodating during the planning and development of course content. She is an outstanding trainer, and we all look forward to inviting her back to Boston in the future.’

Leigh Stoecker
Associate Marketing Director, John Wiley and Wiley-Blackwell


‘We have been working with Rachel and Marketability for many years on in-house courses specifically tailored to our needs. Rachel and her colleagues have always put a lot of effort in preparing for the courses. We work on actual promotional campaigns which help us look at strategies from a real live perspective. Rachel is very knowledgeable on current marketing trends and always very approachable and ready to answer any of our questions.’

Max Phua
Executive Director, World Scientific Publishing


‘Brilliant feedback from the group. You are a star!’

Shannon Moore, Associate Vice President of Marketing for Pearson, referring to an Essential Research Skills course run for staff based in the Middle East, Africa and Caribbean offices at a sales meeting in Istanbul.