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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 7 June 2022. In this issue:

If email open rates don’t work any more, what next?

Apple’s recent Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) can be seen as a nail in the coffin of open rates as a useful measurement of engagement, given that emails delivered to Apple are now shown as opened by default.

It’s long been clear that the more you dig around in your email analytics the more useful insights you get into how people are actually responding to your mailings. But it’s hard enough to find time to look at the familiar top line stats, much less to decide how you’re going to measure in the future. But take heart, it’s worth it, and MPP may just be the kickstart we need to define how we are going to measure in a meaningful way.

This new blog by Litmus is a helpful start (once you get past the shocking stock photo), and resonates with our own approach to tracking engagement with this bulletin over the years. Getting back to a basic premise that robust email marketing is about being useful and relevant before it’s about sales is always healthy. 

Read the Litmus blog

Tailored in-company Email Marketing Workshops are built on a foundation of analysing your current email marketing engagement, and could put you in the perfect position to tackle how to measure in the future.

Wonderful spoof English song from 1972. Just because

I’ve just returned from holiday, and the UK has just had the long Platinum Jubilee weekend. So I share this with you to cheer up anyone who feels the need. Thanks go to David Crotty from The Scholarly Kitchen for alerting me to this one. It’s a performance from 1972 of a spoof English pop song which sounds entirely realistic, but in which the lyrics are complete nonsense.

How did they keep their faces straight?
Watch on The Scholarly Kitchen 

Top 5 copywriting questions raised by training course participants

Participants have shared thousands of questions over the years, but here are the 5 we see the most. Which are on your list?
  1. How do I keep copy really concise but still say everything I need to?
  2. How do I make a dull topic sound interesting?
  3. How do I make every title sound different when we publish so many that are similar?
  4. How do I write persuasively on a subject I know nothing about?
  5. How do I write better copy faster? There’s never as much time as I’d like.
We expect to run an open online Copywriting Workshop in early July. Three hours, 2pm-5pm UK time, £195 per place. Drop me an email if you’d like to know more.

Tip of the week:

As AnswerThePublic is regularly recommended on training courses, this week’s tip is to check it out for yourself if you don’t already know it. Enter a keyword to find questions including it by searchers on Google. Addictive – and useful.


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