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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 1 September 2020. In this issue:

NEW online Copywriting Workshop, booking open now for 22 October

We’ve been delivering tailored Copywriting Workshops online to publishers over the last few months but have now finally set a date for a public course. Details will be on our website later this week, but eBulletin subscribers can email to secure a place.

Date/time: Thursday 22 October, 2pm-5pm BST, 9am-12pm EDT
Format: 3 hours with a break, delivered on Zoom
Places available: 12
Suitable for: Anyone who writes descriptive copy, especially marketers and editors
Description: Based on our full-day face-to-face course, this comprises essential copywriting principles with short practical exercises and group discussion.
Cost: £175 (+ VAT)

Why attend? The in-company training we’ve done has genuinely proved to be interactive and fun, a little slice of normal and break from work deadlines. Zoom is easy to use and free of charge.

Just email me for more information or to book.
Read more about our Copywriting Workshop.


What impact will the pandemic have on higher education in 2020-2021?

It’s currently impossible to know, but for those of us working in academic publishing it’ll be crucial that we keep up with the issues as they unfold and are sensitive to them in all our marketing communications.

What we know:

  • Face-to-face teaching is still planned, and demanded by students in exchange for their tuition fees, but inevitably more teaching will be conducted online.
  • UK university applications were reported to be at record levels earlier in the year, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into enrolment in September/October. It seems probable that many will defer their places by a year.
  • The higher tuition fees paid by international students are crucial to the financial viability of many universities, but will those students be able to travel to take up their places?
Several potentially useful reports available online date from much earlier in the year, so will be unreliable now. Below are two that are recent and useful, from the BBC and The Guardian respectively. And we’ll be announcing a date for an online Academic Marketing Workshop later in the year. Watch this space!

Coronavirus: what’s happening with university admissions?

No packed lecture theatres: what learning will look like this autumn


Boris Johnson and the revenge of the school librarian

The Prime Minister gave a speech at a school in the East Midlands last week, against a backdrop of bookshelves. Nothing odd there, you may think, until you start to look at the title selection. Is it a coincidence that as Boris talked about ‘mutant algorithms’ in relation to the exam ‘results’ fiasco, titles behind him included: ‘The Twits’, ‘The Subtle Knife’, ‘The Resistance’ and ‘Betrayed’? I think not.

And if in doubt, there’s more. Read the article for yourself in the TES.


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Tip of the week: Convince yourself before attempting to convince others

We’ve all been in the position of needing to write copy when we’re not really convinced why our readers will want the product. Sure we can fake it, but don’t expect the results to sound convincing. The purpose of any copy is to persuade, and you simply can’t do that without being persuaded yourself. Fix this by taking just a little time to consider WHY someone will want what you have to offer. Think it through, step into your reader’s shoes, then write.




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