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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 5 February 2019. In this issue:

Reading what drives academics mad is a good way of relating to them

One of the challenges frequently raised by those new to marketing is not feeling a connection with their audience, making it hard to judge a tone, vocabulary and message with which they’ll engage.

Relating to your readers as real individuals and not generic job titles is essential before you start work, and it need only take a few minutes to remind yourself of their issues and what they care about – eg by browsing a news website designed for them, reading comments on proposal documents, or even thinking back to lecturers you knew at uni.

And here’s another. THE recently published an article on Academics’ Pet Peeves in which 12 academics share what really, really annoys them about their working environment. Includes eloquent tales of kidnapped coffee mugs, ‘Reply all’ colleagues, the inability of academics ever to stick to a word count, and the way we publishers take for granted that researchers have spare time to write peer review reports at a few days’ notice.

Entertaining reading and useful too, not least because I guarantee that a few of these would be on your list too.

Read the Academics’ Pet Peeves article for yourself on the THE website.

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Pure360’s Top 20 Emails of 2018 includes some great copywriting tips

I was drawn to this article partly because #1 on their list would have been on mine too –’s browse abandonment campaign, subject line ‘Something caught your eye?’, which I received (and was suitably impressed by) after a visit to their website.

There are no publishing examples, and several that simply wouldn’t work in a publishing context (‘totes’, anyone?), but there’s plenty here to learn from and be inspired by too, and they’re all from UK companies. (And in case you end up puzzled by the Netflix subject line, I’m pretty sure that’s just a typo in the article.)

And talking of browse abandonment campaigns, out of curiosity I checked the cost of a flight to Singapore in TravelUp’s sale yesterday afternoon, and an hour later received an email with the subject line ‘Don’t let that flight leave without you!’. Totally automated, easy to do, but oh so VERY effective.

Read the Top 20 Emails article of 2018 on the Pure360 website.

If this has got you thinking, do take a look at our Email Marketing and Copywriting workshops.


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Tip of the week: If meetings are ruling your life

I bet this has resonated with a few of you.

The tip is to get together (strength in numbers) and propose that one day of the week is meeting-free across the whole department (or go for broke and make it the whole company). Sound fanciful? On the contrary you might just find that your proposal gains traction. After all, is there anyone who wouldn’t welcome a meeting-free day to really get stuck in to the ‘doing’?





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