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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 22 January 2019. In this issue:

Love this author guide to tweeting on the T&F site

This is designed for authors of research articles, but the advice is just as appropriate to any specialist author. Especially useful are:

  1. The examples of specific T&F articles where their tweeting authors made a measurable difference to the reach and impact.
  2. The video by a personable researcher in which he explains the benefits to other authors of actively promoting their work on Twitter.
  3. The recommendation to authors to write a few tweets and then check the views of their article a week later.

But it’s all good, and you’ll find ideas you’ll want to replicate even if you decide not to share the T&F link with your authors. Read T&F’s Tweet your Research for yourself.

Our Social Media Marketing Boot Camp is available as a tailored in-company course and is perfect for companies wanting to move from ad hoc to strategic.


30 Email Marketing Statistics, thanks Pure360, these are great to dip into

This is an eclectic collection of random but relevant stats to all of us doing email marketing, with links to original sources if you want to explore. Covers topics such as personalisation, engagement, mobile vs PC. Here are two that caught my eye:

  1. “Only 7% of consumers are likely to engage in marketing communications that reference their birthday in the subject line” (Pure360) Frankly I’m surprised it’s that high ...
  2. “86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly ... 15% would like them daily.” (Statista) Really? I mean, really?
While some may make you raise your eyebrows, there’ll be other figures here you’d be happy to casually cite in meetings.

Read 30 Email Marketing Statistics on the Pure360 website.

If you’d value the opportunity to spend a day discussing all things email marketing, do take a look at our Email Marketing Workshop.


Bestselling author says she ‘leaves book titles and cover design to the experts’

Prolific bestselling author Amanda Prowse was interviewed on the radio at the weekend and was asked both ‘Do you have a firm idea of a new novel’s title from the start?’ and ‘How much input do you have into the cover design of your books?’

To these questions she happily replied ‘no’ and ‘none whatsoever’, explaining that it would be crazy for her to impose her ideas when her publisher has ‘a team of experts who know far more about what readers will respond best to than I do’ (I paraphrase, but she was emphatic).

Of course if you have an author who’s currently really insistent that the drawing their child did at nursery school should be the front of their new book then this may just rub salt into the wound. But it’s always cheering to hear authors acknowledging our expertise.

Amanda Prowse moved from Head of Zeus to Lake Union Publishing (an Amazon imprint) in 2016.

If your titles have authors, then working collaboratively with them should be central to your marketing – something we spend time discussing on our Impressive Marketing Plans on a Small Budget Workshop.


Tip of the week: An example to remind you to test thoroughly before pressing send

Last week I received an email from a marketing company whose newsletters I get. Nothing unusual in that. Except that I went on to get five more from them in the space of two minutes, obviously unintentionally. The subject header? ‘Taming the Data Flood’ Ouch.

The tip this week is a reminder to be scrupulous about testing before we press send. Better to delay than risk broadcasting a mistake. (And boy I hope these words don’t come back to haunt me!)




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