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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 8 January 2019. In this issue:

Our top 10 articles in 2018, as chosen by you

This is always a fascinating exercise (for me, anyway), looking back over a year of 25 eBulletins and 100 articles to see which ones attracted the highest click-throughs. The percentages given in the top 10 below are unique clicks as a % of total subscribers mailed. Where these were tied (as in 8, 7 and 6 below) the click to open rate was used to separate them.

Unsurprisingly given that GDPR email legislation came into effect in May, lots of articles about this were widely read. But of the five about email marketing in the top 10 only one was on GDPR. Once again, it tended to be general topics that scored the best, with a LinkedIn article on the worst things you can say in job interviews a runaway winner clicked on by 21% of all subscribers. Are you all job-hunting or just wanting to be entertained by the embarrassing mistakes made by interviewees?

It was also obvious that where one article had appealed, readers were more likely to click on others too – two consecutive eBulletins in August and September accounted for 4 of the top 10.

Here they are, in reverse order. If you missed them first time round they may brighten up your January morning – and I can promise you they’ll be useful too.

10) Pure360’s Post-GDPR Success Checklist is fab (7 August, 9.4%)
9) 10 examples of great welcome emails, with thanks to Hubspot (30 October, 9.5%)
8) 5 types of audience you can safely ignore (4 September, 11%)
7) Hubspot’s 27 best websites for wasting time (which might actually make you more productive (4 September, 11%)
6) A pleasing article for punctuation geeks (23 January, 11%)
5) Fabulous example of email copy from MIT Press (1 May, 12%)
4) Don’t send an email without doing these three things, thanks Fast Company (27 November, 12%)
3) A post that may prove your ‘I have no time!’ assumption wrong (26 June, 14%)
2) Marketo’s 17 Email Rules You Absolutely Have to Break (21 August, 15%)
1) The 12 worst things you can say in job interviews (21 August, 21%)

All these articles and over 1200 others are (periodically edited and) stored in our fully-searchable Article Archive on our website. If you’re looking for tips or reports on a specific subject, try word-searching. Relevant articles appear chronologically, most recent first.


What happened to this eBulletin’s metrics after GDPR?

Our subscriber list was halved, despite (we believe) it being a high quality list. But it’s easy not to get round to replying to re-engagement emails. We’ve noticed a steady stream of ex-subscribers signing up again over recent months and long may that continue.

Our average open rate went up from 32% in the first 4 months of the year to 46% over the remaining 8 months.

Our average rate of unique opens as a percentage of emails delivered rose from 11.5% to 18%.

And what about our ROI, for all this effort? Well, our eBulletins are unusual in that most of the articles we feature are directed to external websites, with no direct benefit to us whatsoever. But as a reward for being ‘useful’ our training pages are viewed after every Bulletin, and we get emails from subscribers reminded to get in touch about something unrelated to the email they’ve just read. Which means that the eBulletin is fulfilling its objective to keep us on the radar. It’s a truism for marketing within publishing in general, but eBulletins can’t often be directly linked to generating business. But we do believe that without them we’d lose out.

So if you genuinely enjoy receiving these eBulletins do forward them to colleagues and suggest they subscribe too.

And if you’d value the opportunity to spend a day discussing all things email marketing, do take a look at our Email Marketing Workshop.


Who’d like to join us on our next Academic Marketing Workshop?

In 2019 all of our public courses will run on an ‘on demand’ basis, meaning that we’ll set a date once we have sufficient enquiries to merit it. Our Academic Marketing Workshop is almost at this stage already. Would you like to join us? Sign up now and we’ll consult you over the date.

This course is designed for anyone reasonably new to marketing of academic product, combining an overview of the realities of the sector with good practice templates and examples from a range of publishers. Emerald’s Laura Ingle joins me as guest tutor.

More information about our Academic Marketing Workshop.


Tip of the week: The time has come for grown-up out of office auto-responses

I’ve noticed several OOO emails recently which have warned of a delay in a reply due to being tied up on another project, and if that’s you I applaud you!

We’ve all got ourselves into a mindset where inboxes top our priority list, we allow them to distract us countless times a day. Although I’m as guilty as the next person (maybe time for a late new year’s resolution?) I do fully believe that we should shut our inboxes down on a regular basis to enable us to concentrate on important tasks at hand.


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