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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 27 November 2018. In this issue:

IPG podcast on challenges facing academic publishers

I’m speaking at the Guadalajara Book Fair tomorrow on the subject of the marketing challenges facing academic publishers, in preparation for which I asked a select few contacts around publishing for their views. More of that in a later eBulletin, with thank to all those who generously got in touch!

But more immediately, thanks to Kathy Atkinson at Emerald who told me about the IPG podcast on precisely this subject delivered by Richard Fisher. Highly recommended.

Listen for yourself on the IPG website

Our Academic Marketing Workshop is constantly updated to include new reports, stats and examples.


Love this report on new email subscriber engagement from Return Path

Although there are regular reports on offer about engagement metrics generally, this is the first I’ve seen to apply them to the customer lifecycle, specifically to the first year of subscription.

The report starts by asking three questions:

  1. When do customers typically start to disengage with a new program?
  2. How much does email performance with new subscribers change over time?
  3. How many new subscribers are retained after 12 months?
Highly recommended – short, succinct, but with some genuinely thought-provoking insights into how people are engaging with emails. It’s quick and simple to download the 14 page PDF.

Read more on the Return Path website

Our Email Marketing Workshop looks in detail at how all of this applies in publishing and is available as an in-company tailored course too. ‘Excellent course, covers the most relevant aspects and issues of email marketing’ said one participant at Cengage this month.


Don’t send an email without doing these three things, thanks Fast Company!

Thanks because I couldn’t have put it better myself. And in fact these three things apply to any copy in any situation, an excellent quick reminder to look objectively at your copy before putting it out there. Don’t risk an embarrassing error going live which could have been prevented.

Read on the Fast Company website.

Read more about our Copywriting Workshop.


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  • This great De Gruyter initiative to help improve the quality of their tweets is worth sharing again.
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Tip of the week: Want to convey your authenticity? Look to your copy

Revision guide publisher CGP doesn’t need a flashy website to be successful. What it does convey in spades is authenticity. Teachers and parents trust them. And it’s their copy that’s at the heart of this trust. They write as their customers speak.

Here’s an example. Typically when we sign up to email newsletters we’ll receive a welcome email that invites us to ‘update our preferences’. Not CGP. Theirs said ‘What would you like to see? Let us know the subjects you’re interested in.’ Yes it’s longer, but it’s a lot more human.

The tip this week is to take a lead from CGP and always, always use the natural vocabulary of your audience.

Our Copywriting Workshop is (of course) the place to be for more like this.





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