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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 4 September 2018. In this issue:

5 types of audience you can safely ignore

Thanks to Copyblogger for this nicely articulated piece of advice. When copywriting we can become fixated on trying to appeal to everyone. But it’s a better tactic to write boldly for your core audience than safely (but blandly) for a majority.

Here are five types of reader that we can confidently ignore, from the person who’s enraged by a typo to the person who just wants to pick a fight.

Read on the Copyblogger website.

Our Copywriting Workshops are built on pragmatism and realism and are guaranteed to help you to see the copy you write in a whole new light.


Hubspot’s 27 best websites for wasting time (which might actually make you more productive)

This is the week when, for the first time in two months, you’re most likely to have a full complement of colleagues around you. If you’re all suffering just a bit from post-summer blues, this article will cheer you.

Taking some down-time in our working day genuinely improves productivity (apparently), so Hubspot have pulled together sites where you can almost feel justified in getting distracted. Unlike the mild self-loathing resulting from scrolling through social media feeds, these are all interesting, random and perhaps even educational.

Read Hubspot’s 27 best websites post.

We’d like to suggest a 28th, which might be even easier to justify. We’ve been editing and archiving ebulletin articles since 2010, so if there’s a topic you think we may have written about, try searching for it in the archive. There’s some weird and wonderful stuff in there to (re)discover. Choose ‘Search the archive’ anywhere in the Resources area of our website. Meanwhile here are the Top 10 Most Clicked eBulletin Articles of 2017 again – these round ups always make fascinating reading.


Tip of the week: If you’re promising tailor-made, don’t send generic

There is a retailer I buy food from every week, and I get their special offer emails. Recent subject lines have said: ‘Claim your exclusive tailor-made offers, just for you!’. The offers in question have been for clothes, toiletries and even furniture, so it’s blindingly obvious that the offers are generic and not tailored at all.

Today’s customers (even me) are pretty sophisticated and demanding and quickly get irritated by empty promises. As marketers, all of us will be tailoring messages when we can and defaulting to a generic offer when we can’t. That’s fine, but we do need to change the subject line accordingly.

Subject lines are a topic guaranteed to generate lively discussion on our Email Marketing Workshop.





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