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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 7 August 2018. In this issue:

Beijing Pays Bookshops to Counter the Digital Revolution, Times article

Chinese readers have embraced digital enthusiastically in recent years, with the inevitable result that in China too bookstores have struggled and closed.

But rather than simply letting nature take its course, the Chinese government has decided to do something about it, by investing £5.7 million in the capital’s bookstores. The money is designed to subsidise rents, help fund improvements, and encourage 700 more bookshops to open in the capital in the next 3 years.

‘Bricks and mortar bookstores are an important part of a city’s cultural infrastructure. They carry the memories of a city, they embody a city’s cultural heritage and they affect a city’s cultural ambience’, said Zhang Zu, deputy director of the Beijing bureau of press, publication, radio, film and television.

A fascinating and uplifting initiative, though sadly not one I can imagine seeing elsewhere.

Read Beijing Pays Bookshops to Counter the Digital Revolution on The Times website (or search on The Bookseller site).

Bookstores remain an important channel for most publishers, and one we frequently discuss on training courses – especially Impressive Marketing Plans on a Small Budget and Introduction to Marketing in Publishing.


Pure360’s Post-GDPR Success Checklist is fab

I love the simplicity of the 10 tactics on a single page grid, it’s an excellent reminder of how to move on positively with our inevitably reduced subscriber lists following GDPR updating.

The grid is primarily designed to tell you that Pure360 can implement all of this, but it’s a mighty fine advertisement in my view, which doesn’t detract from its usefulness.

Take a look at the Pure360 Post-GDPR Success Guide for yourself (the link’s towards the bottom of the page).
Our Email Marketing Workshop is the place to be for more like this.


How an innocent post on Facebook turned into a PR coup for Rucksack Readers

Jacquetta Megarry is passionate about the walking guidebooks her company, Rucksack Readers, produce, and like many small organisations provides very personal customer service. Recently a customer returned a book that had obviously been read, for a refund. The customer praised the content in some detail but described the admirably small book as ‘too bulky’ to carry on the trail.

Most of us in this situation would (hopefully) do what Jacquetta did, which is rise above arguing with the customer, issue a refund, and move on. But she also decided to post on Facebook to ask her followers if the annoyance she felt was reasonable. She was unprepared for the unanimous support for her and criticism of the customer. To counter the bad experience her followers posted glowing comments about how wonderful the books were.

‘The outcome was that I felt surprisingly pleased, rather than resentful, about the return’, said Jacquetta.

Read the post and the responses for yourself on the Rucksack Readers Facebook page (20 July post, worth scrolling down for).

Our Social Media Marketing Boot Camp has plenty of examples of very simple but highly effective (deliberate!) tactics, as well as excellent advice from tutor Paul Crabtree on how to think and plan your social activity strategically. It works especially well as an in-company course, tailored around your audiences and the platforms you use.


Tip of the week: The ONE thing you can do to guarantee improving your copy

… is to walk in your reader’s shoes. Take a few minutes to think about the person you’re addressing, their hopes, fears, preferences. If YOU were them, what would persuade you?

I genuinely think this is THE key to great copywriting. Do this and everything else will follow.

Our Copywriting Workshop is the place to be for more like this.





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