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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 24 July 2018. In this issue:

Print sales up, ebooks down, worrying stats for school textbooks

The Bookseller last week published results taken from the Publishing Association’s Publishing Yearbook 2017 – you’ll need to be a subscriber or register as a guest to read the article, but it’s chunky, useful and worth it.

Sales of print books across the board were up 5%, whereas once journal content was stripped out digital sales were down by 2% and consumer e-books down by 7%. Audiobooks continued to grow, up an astonishing 25% in 2017. And export sales continued to rise, now accounting for some 60% of the total.

The worrying statistic is undoubtedly school textbook sales, down 12%, as schools prioritise the cost of staff and teaching assistants over books.

There are plenty more interesting statistics and observations to explore here. Read more on The Bookseller website.

If you’re a schools publisher in need of new ideas to help you succeed in this increasingly challenging environment, do take a look at our Schools Marketing Workshop.


Fabulous video story of the creation of a new medical library in Singapore

I loved watching this video posted on The Wiley Network, Wiley’s website for the research community. Caroline Pang was given the opportunity to develop a library from scratch for the medical school of Nanyang Technological University. Highly recommended viewing!

Read more and view on The Wiley Network

Our Academic Marketing Workshop looks at the challenges of marketing to modern university libraries:


Out with the hostess badge, in with vlogging, as the Guides overhaul their brand

Back in the day I briefly joined the Ranger Guides, attracted by a night of camping away from home. Back at base the following week the theme was flower-arranging. I never went back.

Refreshing your brand to ensure you stay relevant as times change around you, but without alienating your loyal supporters, is tricky for any organisation. The Guides were in the news last week for announcing changes to the range of badges on offer to members. Knitting, ironing, pest control and axe-wielding (no I don’t know either) had their time in the 1950s; now sees the end of the hostess badge (and others), replaced by vlogging, mindfulness and zero waste.

Read more about this story on The Guardian website.

On our Impressive Marketing Plans on a Small Budget workshop we consider how to market your brand as well as the products you produce.


Tip of the week: Treat yourself by doing something ahead of schedule for a change

When work pressures ramp up it’s easy to get stressed by feeling behind on everything. This is a very personal tip which helps me, does anyone else do this? I take a bit of time out from the hamster-wheel to do something small that isn’t urgent. Because getting ahead on that task gives me a boost which helps make me feel more in control.




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