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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 26 June 2018. In this issue:

Excellent Jisc report on the changing face(s) of university presses

Academic publishing is undergoing enormous changes and if you’re inside the sector it can be hard to judge what your audience wants in the current landscape. As we invent new models and pricing structures for our content, how can we be sure we’re getting it right?

Thanks to Laura Ingle from Emerald Group Publishing (and guest tutor on our Academic Marketing Workshop) for drawing my attention to this Jisc report, Changing Publishing Ecologies: a Landscape Study of New University Presses and Academic-Led Publishing. At over 100pages this isn’t a quick read but it will definitely re-pay you the time it takes to scan through when you have a ‘spare’ half an hour.

Read the Changing Publishing Ecologies report for yourself.
Read more about our Academic Marketing Workshop.


The Oxford English Dictionary wants your regional words

OUP has always been good at leveraging publicity through encouraging the public to get involved in dictionary content. Here’s the latest, inviting submissions for words and phrases specific to regional English. I’m not sure how they’re going to manage the data they collect, but if nothing else it’ll be entertaining and they’ll have achieved some good PR and social media engagement.

Read more on the OED website, after which I’d recommend clicking on the hashtag to see the Twitter feed.

One of the practical reasons for being aware of regional (and colloquial) English is knowing when not to use it in the interests of clarity. I still recall the unfortunate headline on a brochure produced by a junior colleague of mine for an international philosophy reference book, which read ‘Is all philosophy gobbledy-gook?’

If you enjoy language and aspire to more successful headlines than this one why not take a look at our Copywriting Workshop?


A post that may prove your ‘I have no time!’ assumption wrong

Have you ever methodically tracked how you spend the hours of your day? Most of us haven’t, but doing so can be really eye-opening. For example, we tend to over-estimate the time ‘wasted’ on things that frustrate us. And most importantly, our perception that we don’t have time can lead us to make poor decisions about how we spend it.

I love this (short) article, This 3 Minute Habit Changed My Life, on the Fast Company website and highly recommend it. It may just open your eyes.

Planning realistically for the time available is always a feature of our Impressive Marketing Plans in a Small Budget workshop.


Tip of the week: For the next time you’re getting bogged down in technical copy

Memorable quotes can be a great way of reminding ourselves of some essentials when writing copy. This one points out that just because we know something doesn’t mean we need to say it. In copywriting we should focus only on what readers want to know.

‘Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.’ (Irish rugby player Brian O’Driscoll in 2009.)

Read more about our Copywriting Workshop.





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