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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 1 May 2018. In this issue:

6 Tips for Seasonal Email Senders, useful TargetMarketing article

This article from TargetMarketing is designed primarily for seasonal businesses, but much of the advice applies just as much if you have contacts who just haven’t heard from you in months. Some of it is obvious but there are points in here that will genuinely stop and make you think. Here’s a taster:

  1. Practise list hygiene (obvious but useful) and the significance of those ‘mailbox full’ soft bounces (not obvious).
  2. Are you inadvertently mailing abandoned emails that have been recycled into spam traps?
  3. Ideas for emails in the ‘off season’ to keep you on the radar of your subscribers. Or in publishing terms, if you don’t have new books for all of your subscribers you still need to plan campaigns to keep them engaged. Social? Bestselling titles? Authors in the news?
To these, and the other three (much more to read online), I’d like to add a pitfall missing from the list, which is trotting out the same tired, predictable subject lines as everyone else at key times of the year. At the moment it’s ‘spring into action’ here in the UK (yawn), Easter was a mess of bad egg puns, and no doubt the football world cup will prompt a spate of subject lines with ‘goal’ in them. Topical subject lines can be excellent, but if they’re perceived to be lazy they can prompt instant irritation and deletion.

Read 6 Tips for Seasonal Email Senders for yourself on the TargetMarketing website.

Our Email Marketing Workshop is the place to be for more like this. 


A quick audit of what’s driving your marketing planning. How will you do?

If you are involved in marketing planning, whether for individual campaigns or your company marketing strategies, I invite you to answer the following four questions as honestly as you can.

  1. What has driven decisions on which activities to undertake and when? Think about this for a moment, then rate the following out of 10 as decision-drivers. a) The product: to achieve targets b) Stakeholders/authors: to meet their expectations c) Your audience: their needs
  2. How well have plans mapped onto your audience in the past?
  3. How practical have your plans been for you in managing the implementation process?
  4. How accurately have the plans reflected what you actually went on to do?
I’m not going to sit in judgement, or tell you the ‘right’ answers. My purpose is simply to get you to think about whether decisions and plans are made for the right reasons.

And if this has got you thinking, why not take a look at our Impressive Marketing Plans on a Small Budget workshop?


Fabulous example of email copy from MIT Press

Thank you to Katie Miller from Pearson in Dubai for sending this to me. Says Katie: ‘I had to forward this one to you as I loved the subject line!’, which was the decidedly quirky ‘Did You Know There is a Horsefly Named after Beyoncé?’

But the copy for the whole email is fantastic, and it’s precisely because it says just enough to entice, through the clever use of storytelling and example. It’s confident enough to not spell out the connection between these and the featured books, and isn’t bogged down with ISBNs or prices either. The brevity, examples and strong verbs make it feel upbeat and the confidence is infectious.

I’d LOVE to know how well it performed, so if anyone from MIT Press is reading and can share just a bit of information do get in touch. Just hit reply to send me an email or use the Contact Us button on our website.

Read the MIT Press email for yourself.

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Tip of the week: Do you have an emergency meeting drawer?

For those times when authors ring up to say they’re passing and could they drop in to say hello ... and you’re dressed in jeans. Thanks to Karina Lewis at SPCK for sharing this gem of a detail about a former colleague, who kept a dress and a pair of heels in a drawer specially so she was always prepared.




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