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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 23 January 2018. In this issue:

What keeps academics awake at night? Find out in this THE article

I’m not sharing this because it reveals previously unknown insights, but because it’s a great reminder that the academics we want to engage with when we market to them are all too subject to the same human frailties as we are. The precise topics may differ, but the main themes are the same – fear of workload, fear for job security, fear for the future of academia, worry for the students they feel responsible for. It’s common for us to feel intimidated by the academics we’re trying to reach out to, but this reminds us that they feel just as threatened and as vulnerable as we often do. And if we feel a connection with the audience we’re addressing we’ll naturally write in a more engaging way.

Read the THE article for yourself

Our Academic Marketing Workshop is the place to be for more like this.


Book discounted London training course places, offer ends 31 January 2018

We’re offering subscribers 20% discount on any of 6 courses booked before 31 January 2018. That’s £320 per place – just quote ‘320Jan18’ in the other price field on the booking form to claim the discount.

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A pleasing article for punctuation geeks

Warning for the squeamish: there’s some mild bad language in this article, forwarded to me by Laura Ingle who rightly thought that it would make me laugh. And I’m sure it will appeal to many of you too. If you’re already aware that dashes and hyphens come in a number of different and precise options, and are capable of proofreading accordingly, you’ll definitely appreciate this tongue-in-cheek article from US publisher Melville House. And if you’re not, it could just open up a whole new world of punctuation possibilities.
Read the article on the Melville House website.

Laura Ingle is Head of Product and Institutional Marketing at Emerald Group Publishing and tutor on our Academic Marketing Workshop.


Tip of the week: A surefire way to lift your motivation this month

It’s very simple. Book a holiday. Whether weekend break or two weeks in the sun, nothing boosts motivation as effectively as having something in our sights to look forward to. For this reason it’s one of the first things I always do when I’m back in the office after a break.




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