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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 31 October 2017. In this issue:

If your to do lists aren't helping organise your daily tasks, try these 9 different refinements

I’m a fan of the humble ‘to do list’ but the first to admit that their length can be out of all proportion to time available. These 9 different ways of structuring them, courtesy of Fast Company, have real potential to help prioritise the things we should be doing. To give you a taster, headings include:

  1. Divide your list into sections
  2. Batch similar tasks together
  3. Use the SUG methodology (which weighs up relative importance)
  4. Create a ‘done’ list (my personal favourite).
Read more about these and the other 5 for yourself on the Fast Company site.

Our Impressive Marketing Plans on a Small Budget invariably covers this topic too. Next runs in London on 5 December. Why not join us and help get your 2018 plans off to a flying start?


Why you shouldn't use Outlook to send marketing emails

I’m often surprised to find out that there are still plenty of organisations out there using Outlook to broadcast marketing emails using the bcc field. This post from Campaign Master articulates the reasons why you shouldn’t. Of course as an email service provider they are a teeny bit biased, but they’re also 100% right in their advice. Why risk your sender reputation, so critical to deliverability and hard to restore once damaged? And why conduct any email marketing without the benefit of the tracking functionality that comes with an ESP, including free ones such as Mailchimp?

Read the highly recommended Why you Should Stop Using Outlook for Email Marketing post at Campaign Master for yourself.

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Book a place or two on our next Academic Marketing Workshop and help choose the date

Just TWO more bookings and we can fix a date for our next Academic Marketing Workshop. If you’d like to join participants from Princeton UP, Bristol UP and SAGE, plus Emerald’s Laura Ingle and me, send us a booking form today and there’s a very good chance that you’ll have a say in the date for early in 2018. eBulletin subscribers also benefit from a reduced rate, paying £349 per place rather than £399.

Read more about our Academic Marketing Workshop.


Tip of the week: Be honest, and don't put a hat on a dog

I’m indebted to Euan Hirst from Blackwell’s Bookshops for this one. He was describing being sold marketing campaigns with impeccable credentials for books that just weren’t worthy of them. Euan commented that: ‘You can put a hat on a dog, but you still know it’s a dog …’. This week’s tip is to be realistic about the quality of individual books as we’re planning any type of campaigns for them. Truth will out.

This topic is at the heart of our Impressive Marketing Plans on a Small Budget, which next runs in London on 5 December.





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