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Marketability eBulletin

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 16 May 2017. In this issue:

Email Marketing Trends 2017, genuinely thought-provoking free report

Smart Insights and Pure360 recently released their Email Marketing Trends 2017 report, which I read while on the way to our Email Marketing Workshop in London last week. It made memorable reading.

Truly exciting functionality exists which can deliver both fully tailored and interactive emails to our subscribers. The past activities of a reader can be used to intelligently select and deliver new content at the optimum time, which (the report suggests) does away with the need for preference centres at the point of sign up. It also cheerfully predicts that this will save marketers time currently spent selecting content for segmented mailings. And rather than links in an email delivering you to video or other content on your website it’s now possible for that content to be pulled into the email instead.

Email marketing is clearly poised for a whole new level of sophistication, but how does an algorithm serve tailored content before a subscriber has begun to engage? And if current metrics are based on tracking clicks on links, what are the implications of content being pulled in rather than clicked through to?

For many publishers such sophistication may be out of reach for a while yet, but there is no question that it’s already here and as these emails become more usual they will impact on the expectations of our recipients. And THAT’S the important point. If we can’t match the big retailers in our tailoring, how do we make up for it in the quality and nature of the content we are delivering?

Download the Email Marketing Trends 2017 report for yourself. It’s quick and it’s free and it will really get you thinking about future possibilities.

Our Email Marketing Workshop ran in London last week, thank you to those readers who were there and helped to make it such an enjoyable day. Would you like to attend the next one? If so, register your interest now and we’ll consult you when we’re in a position to set a date for the next one.


10 reasons why you really need a 10 second sell for all your titles

I am a huge believer in identifying a 10 second sell before I write copy for anything, yet many of the people I meet on Copywriting Workshops aren’t using this trick unless required to for a database field. So here are 10 reasons why I think you should …

  1. Identifying a strong, succinct and compelling one-liner (which does not repeat what’s in or obvious from the title/subtitle) gives a really sharp focus for your copy.
  2. Which means you’re less likely to go on to write a vague or generic blurb.
  3. It forces you to make sure YOU know the single main reason why a reader should choose this product over the competition. And that gives you the confidence to be persuasive.
  4. It guarantees that the first line a customer reads will be strong.
  5. It gives you a ‘peg’ on which to hang the rest of the copy, expanding on the promise in a logical way.
  6. It’s perfect for gallery pages on your website, where you bring together highlights and only have room for one line of copy. And it still works as the first line of copy (preferably in bold) on main product pages too.
  7. Reps and bookstores love it – a strong one-liner really helps them, there’s no time to read a paragraph of copy.
  8. It’s perfect too for Amazon.
  9. And for email newsletters, pitches to societies, journalists or booksellers.
  10. As the whole purpose of a 10 second sell is to identify a unique differentiating feature, it helps ensure that other titles on your list all sound different, so it has a benefit in ‘future-proofing’ your copy too.
As with so many other things, going through the motions of filling in a database field without really engaging won’t deliver these benefits. Pausing to remember why YOU stand to gain and then applying yourself to the challenge really will.

Our next Copywriting Workshop is the place to be for more like this.


Which meeting personality type are you? A video you'll relate to on the Citrix blog

This video is entertaining because it’s so well-observed – we’ve all been in meetings with a negator, a rambler or a dominator. And I can remember one senior colleague in a past role who was a prime example of the get-here-when-you-can guy. He’d turn up late and then demand a recap of everything he’d missed. Thanks to the Citrix blog for brightening my day with this one.

Read the post and view the video on the Citrix blog.

The meeting in the video is meant to be to discuss a new marketing strategy. I think coming along to our Impressive Marketing Plans on a Small Budget Workshop would be a better bet.


Tip of the week: If you've ever felt daunted by phoning journalists to pitch

Sometimes an email pitch just won’t do the job – you need the personal contact of a phone call first. Journalists can be daunting, so you need to be well-prepared and able to answer any questions with confidence. You’ll learn a lot (and warm up to the task) during the first couple of calls. So my personal tip this week is not to start by phoning the A-listers. Start with your B-list and learn from those calls first. Your confidence and pitch will be so much more persuasive.

Our Practical Publicity Workshop is the place to be for more like this.





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