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Congratulations Suharti Samsudin for the prize-winning ethical marketing campaign

Suharti is Senior Marketing Manager at Taylor & Francis in Singapore, and has just won an Informa Award for Sustainable Impact for her 2018 campaign with the charity One Tree Planted.

This post-campaign article sent to me by Suharti describes it better than I could:

‘Buy a Book, Plant a Tree was put together primarily to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and enable sales reps to build rapport with librarians by creating a point of conversation around this topic.

We had to work hard to demonstrate to our customers that we were genuine in our desire to do good but, once they understood that it was more than just a sales drive, they wanted to support us.

The campaign idea was simple: we promised librarians and associations to plant a tree in their name for every book they order within the campaign title list, and One Tree Planted would issue a certificate to them for their support.

Our editorial colleagues helped curate a campaign list and we used analytical tools to identify potential campaign adopters. We then promoted the campaign at conferences, during meetings, as well as launched Facebook ads and email campaigns. With the help of our sales colleagues, we got booksellers on board too.

After 6 months, our efforts bore sweet harvest. Buy a Book, Plant a Tree saw over 1,800 units of sales from about 70 participating institutions around APAC. These do not include institutions that were non-identifiable (i.e. sales made through agents).

And with the support of T&F head office and Informa, who have agreed to match our funds raised, we will be planting 5,466 trees in Tanjung Puting National Park in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

That’s 109 acres or 83 football fields!’

This is an excellent reminder that ethical campaigns really are win win. And the PR value within the library community across South East Asia will be long-lasting. As will, hopefully, the trees.

If this has made you want to think more creatively about your own future campaigns, why not register your interest in our Impressive Marketing Plans on a Small Budget workshop?


2 April 2019

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