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New survey: How to Win Trust and Loyalty

Stop for a moment to think of your own buying habits. What makes you loyal to a brand? Has that changed over time? How persuaded are you to be disloyal if a better offer comes along?

These are questions addressed by a new survey from Pure360 and the DMA (Direct Marketing Association). Whilst it ‘only’ covers retail, personal technology and media/entertainment, the findings are genuinely thought-provoking for anyone trying to increase customer engagement. And that’s all of us, right?

To give you a flavour, here are a few points that resonated with me:

  1. We’re becoming less loyal. We’re absolutely swayed by offers because we’re spoiled for choice.
  2. Consumers can be segmented according to behaviour into: active loyals, habitual loyals, situational loyals, and active disloyals. Understanding that it’s a whole lot more complex than just loyal, neutral or disloyal is really helpful.
  3. Seven drivers of loyalty emerged from this survey, from functional (quality/easy to use, etc) to brand charisma. But the drivers governing decisions differed depending on the nature of the purchase.
  4. Nobody wants loyalty points any more.
  5. Consumers justify their disloyalty partly because they don’t feel that it’s adequately rewarded (and points don’t cut it). This one, to my mind, is REALLY interesting. Could we be prioritising this more in our marketing? After all, we have loads of great quality content and authors, which should mean we can easily and cheaply offer customers something of real value.
Read the survey for yourself. At 23pages and with plenty of visual charts this is a quick read and one which might just jolt you away from thinking about your audiences as job titles and remembering that they’re consumers too.

Our Impressive Marketing Plans on a Small Budget workshop is the place to be if you’d like to explore applying these ideas to publishing.


13 November 2018

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